Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Well, by the sixth day of Christmas we were getting low on food supplies with all the entertaining and guests food was disappearing quickly. Since I need to visit a government office in downtown Hamilton, my wife and I decided to do some shopping in the Hamilton Market. December the 30 was the last day that the market would be open in 2011 so it was an opportune time fill up the larder, so to speak.

The market was a lot busier than I would have imagined  on December 30th but then again there were probably a lot of people who were in the same situation as we were, running low on food supplies. The sellers must have been aware of this as well  because every stall was full and brimming over with food stuffs. We perused the stalls to see what there was and finally settled on six quarts of Golden Delicious apples to make a nice fresh apple pie and half a dozen farm fresh eggs to replenish all the eggs that had been used over the previous week of cooking. I was looking forward to turning the six quarts of golden delicious apples into at least one apple pie.

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  1. I wish I hadn't slept in! Would have loved to go to the market.