Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Since I started this twelve day of Christmas idea I might as well continue it for the full twelve days. on December 29th, the fifth day of Christmas my wife and I took my daughter and son-in-law to Magnotta winery in Beamsville on Ontario street. There were two reasons. The was, we thought that it would be a fun thing to do on a Christmas vacation day. The second reason was that I wanted to pick up some ice wine to give away as gifts for the up coming Chinese New Year celebration. You see, I have absolutely no problem crossing and combining cultural celebrations.

It was a short drive to Magnotta and the weather was mild and mostly sunny. Not surprising, there were not that many people in the winery but there were a few. I gave my wife and daughter the task of trying out all the ice wines and selecting the ones that they thought would be the most suitable for gifts.The people at Magnotta set up a selection of five or six different ice wines and my wife and daughter sampled each one. It was a lot of fun and in the end they settled on the apple ice wine and the cassis ice wine. I am sure that they will both make suitable Chinese New Year gifts. I bought two bottles of apple ice wine and three of cassis.

After our visit to Magnotta we crossed the bridge over the QEW and visited the Legends Estate Winery but, unfortunately, it was not open on December 29th. Instead, we started our journey back to Burlington and stopped off at Kittling Ridge for a visit instead. Kittling Ridge is always a fun place to visit. The people are friendly and knowledgeable and they often have specials. Since I had already bought the ice wine that I had set out to buy we looked around and left after a short visit.

It was a pleasant outing for the fifth day of Christmas and I wound up buying five bottles of fine ice wine.

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