Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Since my wife and I stayed home on New Year's Eve we got together with the rest of our family. all eight adults plus our granddaughter and had dinner at the Iron Chef restaurant in Hamilton. My son and his girlfriend came to our house earlier in the afternoon so that we could socialize a bit then we left around 5:30 PM to go to the restaurant. when we arrived at the restaurant around 6:00PM we were surprised to see that the place was full. We were glad that we had made a reservation because the only table left was the one that the restaurant had reserved for us. I guess that there were not that many places open on New Year's Day. My youngest daughter, her husband and our granddaughter arrived shortly after we did.

After everyone was settled into place we got down to the business of ordering dishes. Since there were eight of us we ordered eight dishes. Here is what we ordered: Eggplant in Garlic with Spicy Meat Sauce, Braised Lamb in a Stew, Mushrooms with Chinese Vegetables, Iron Chef Duck, Tofu and Vegetables, Noodles with Beef, and B.B.Q. sliced Pork. We ordered more than one serving of some of the dishes and half of our party also had steamed white rice as well. Everything was washed down with copious amounts of Chrysanthemum tea.

We had an excellent tea. The food was good and the company was great. we talked and ate and laughed and ate, drank some and ate some more. By 8:00 PM everyone had eaten and it was time to leave. It was time to wind down the vacation. My oldest daughter and her husband were going to return home to Washington, the next day, our son was going to return to Labrador in another day, and the rest of us were going to return to work in an another day or so. There were some tearful goodbyes and some some heartfelt farewells and then our eight person, eight course New Year's Day banquet was over.

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