Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Just so that everyone knows, I have not spent all of my spare time going to science and art museums. I have spent a fair amount of time on the baby's crib that I am building. Actually, there is quite a bit of work done on the crib. I will just cover the first part of the work that I did on the two ends of the crib. After I finished planing all the boards I selected the boards that I wanted to use to make the ends. It was important that the boards that I was going to use for the posts had to be as straight and as true as possible. Since I had planed all of the boards myself the boards were straight. You can see here that I have one end assembled and one end in exploded view so that you can see all the parts and where they go. It was tricky gluing everything together. It took all of the clamps that I have. I even went out and bought a few more C-clamps because I did not have enough.

After getting everything glued together i was delighted that the two ends of the crib were straight and true. All the angles were square and there was no twist.

With the two ends of the crib completed. I spent all of my time working on the two sides of the crib. That will be for the next post.

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