Thursday, August 4, 2011


It is always great to have friends and family come to visit. We get to see one another and go out and do things together. It is great! The down side is that nothing gets done. It has been over two weeks since I brought home the wood from Shaker Woods and I have been waiting impatiently to start working on it. I did spend a few hours during the week planing a few boards as I mentioned in my last post but there was a lot more to do.

After everyone left on Sunday and I returned home with my wife. I set up the planer outside and spent the next three hours planing rough cut maple boards. By dinner time on Saturday I felt that I had moved ahead. Sunday morning I spent the entire morning finishing the planing. It took me a total of eight hours to plane 60 board feet of hard maple. It took longer that i thought it would because I found that taking large cuts only led to sniping which is not very desirable so I took smaller cuts which led to more cuts and more time but in the end the results was a smooth, mirror like finish. I was really very happy with the results.

I am planning to buy myself a planer because I will need one for almost all the future projects that I am planning. I have not made up my mind yet if I am going to buy a Delta  planer

or a Ryobi planer. I have read reviews about both. The best review that I read was in Fine Woodworking about the Ryobi planer. It was an excellent review.

If anyone has any comments I would certainly be interested in hearing them.

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