Tuesday, August 23, 2011


After racing through the NMAC that I wrote about briefly in my last post we went back to the Hotel Continental to collect our packed luggage to make our way to our boat that was docked in Barcelona harbor. we had become familiar with the Rambylas and realized that we could leisurely make our way from the hotel to the boat in less than an hour, an hour and a half tops if we stopped to take a few pictures and look in a few shops. This is exactly what we did.

We had a bite to eat and something to drink before we left the hotel. It was really a great place to stay and I would highly recommend the Hotel Continental to everyone. We started down the Rambylas trailing our suitcases behind us and our carry on bags slung over our shoulders. We certainly looked like the tourists that we were.

Even on a Sunday the Rambylas was quit busy. There were many shops open and people were out on the streets, eating, walking, looking at the sights. It seems to be always busy. We will certainly miss Barcelona. I know that we will be back, sooner than later.

We made one stop on the way to our cruise ship Voyager of the Seas, it was to look at yet another building designed and built by Anton Gaudi.

After taking a few pictures here we continued our walk down to the harbor. When we reached the water we could see our cruise ship but we had no idea of how to get there so we went to the tourist information both and asked. They told us to take a certain bus. It cost two euros and the bus took us directly to our cruise ship, Voyager of the Seas. We got off the bus followed the directions given to us by the guides. we had an easy check-in. We showed our passports and our reservation documentation. They issued us room keys and some other miscellaneous documentation and the next thing we knew we were on the boat. It was as easy as that.

Since we only had the luggage that we took with us, we went directly to out state room and started to unpack. One of the things that we noticed was that our room on the Voyager of the Seas was larger than our room in the Hotel Continental in Barcelona.

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