Thursday, August 18, 2011


On our last day in Barcelona, Sunday, we wanted to make the best of our time so we decided that we would go to the NMAC, the National Museum of Art of Catalonia. We had thought of going to the Picasso museum but it was a little far from the hotel and we were not sure how to get there. On the other hand the NMAC seemed to be fairly easy to find. It was easy to find. We took the metro to the station where the NMAC was located. Normally we would have been able to walk right into the grounds where the museum is located but there was an automobile exhibit on so the main exit was closed to the public unless you were willing to pay the 10 euros for admission. My wife and I took the five minute walk around the grounds and rode several escalators to the museum which is perched on the top of a small mountain.

This is a wonderful view of Barcelona from the top of the steps in front of the NMAC

Not only is the sculpture magnificent but the wide open vista is amazing

This is the entrance of the NMAC. There was an exhibition of 19th century Realism which we did not have time to see.
There was furniture by Gaudi

I loved this sculpture by Joseph LLimona called Desolation.

I could not take any photographs inside the galleries which was a pity. Here is a shot of the lovely atrium in the middle of the gallery.
There is so much to see at the NMAC that a short post in my blog is not enough room to do it justice. If you are in Barcelona you must find time to visit this excellent world class museum.

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