Wednesday, January 28, 2015


As I said in my last post, there was too much to say about day five in Trujillo, Honduras for one past so I am splitting it into two.

after returning to the ship we went back to our state room, deposited all our purchases and finds. I found a number of stones and other interesting objects as we walked along the beach. There were a variety of things that I found, a rock that had small deposits of copper on the outside, several pieces of coral and a really interesting piece that looked like it might have been a home for some small sea creature which after closer inspection it seems that it might have been the barrel of an old gun that had become attached to a rock and over time it became encrusted with stones.

After lunch we walked around the top deck to make up a mile, as if we had not walked ans climbed enough in the morning in Trujillo! Having achieved our mile walk we sat out in the shade in deck chairs and read. I started reading a new book on my Ipad, Volume I of Essential Chinese Medicine   Essentials-Chinese-Medicine-Volumewhich is the first volume of a giant three volume compendium of traditional Chinese medicine. As we sat reading the crew started pulling up the boats from the water, the very boats that they had used to tender us to shore. it was an interesting process to watch.

Afterwards we went to the Stardust theater to see the comic JP  The-Comedy-Magic-of-Jean-Pierre. we had started to watch him on the first night out by the motion of the ship caused my wife to be sea sick so we had to leave his first performance part way through.

The Comedy & Magic of Jean-Pierre's photo.

After watching JP we went to the art gallery to see the unveiling of several new works of art. There was also complimentary wine. The first painting that they unveiled was a still life by Peter Max, Peter_Max.
It was quite beautiful, bursting with color. I liked it. the next two works of art were etchings by Rembrandt Rembrandt.

Rembrandt etchings: De Omval

 One was a self portrait completed near the time of his death. The second etching was a scene of his childhood where Rembrandt grew up. The third etching was another self portrait but when he was a young man. As much as I appreciate the technique of etching and Rembrandt's artistry in this medium, I could not see my wife and I hanging a Rembrandt etching on a wall in our house. We are not people who would buy a work of art just because it was by a famous artist, we would have to like it as well. I guess I am just a Philistine when it comes to etchings. the third artist was Itzchak Tarkay

 an artist from Israel. Most of his work was in acrylics but he painted a dozen or so watercolors of women in various poses. When the paintings were unveiled i was immediately drawn to their beauty. The color and the way that the artist balanced color and composition showed the hand of a master. We were told that these paintings we going for $2500 - 3500 a piece. I would say that that would be a bargain. I would love to own a Tarkay painting but we don't have the wall space, we still  have works of art that we have yet to hang in our house.

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