Friday, January 2, 2015

Caribbean Cruise - Day 2

Sunday, November 30th. we went to bed early on Saturday night, Saturday had been a long day and we were still tired from our adventure on Friday, so we slept soundly in our state room on deck six on Saturday night while the night owls and revelers partied the night away on deck seven, two decks above us.  we did not hear a thing. I was up at 6:00 AM and made my way to the fitness center on deck twelve. I walked up the seven flights to deck seven as a warm up for my practice. What struck me was the absolute quiet. The only sounds that I heard was the muted sounds of the board as it sailed through the Caribbean. I guess all the party goers were sleeping off the effects of Saturday night. When I got to the fitness club there were already a few people waiting to get in ahead of me, that was a bit of a surprise. I guess not everyone was hanging out at the clubs the night before. As soon as I walked up to fitness center the door opened and we all went in. everyone went for the machines, I went into the aerobic studio and closed the door. I had the entire studio to myself. I went through Yi Jin Jing  Yijin Jing as I would on the weekends followed by a slow Taijiquan  Tai Chi practice. Typically, I would also do my sword practice  Taijijian after Taijiquan. As I did not have a sword with me, I did not think that  US customs would like the idea of bringing a practice sword on a cruise ship, I thought I would go through my sword practice without a sword, after all, I practice with a sword every day. \i figured that the moves were ingrained in my muscles. I was surprised to find out that after the opening salutation, I could not do it. it seems that the sword is an extension of my hand and arm and when the sword is not there, the memory of the moves is not there.

After my practice I went to the Garden Cafe to get hot water with lemon for my wife and I, we drink hot water with lemon every morning before breakfast as a cleanse. Wen went to the Garden Cafe for breakfast, they had fresh fruit, baked goods and a lot of other things. There as no lack of things to chose from for breakfast. A breakfast, I saw an elderly Chinese man with a cane that had a dragon's head on the top, now that would make a great substitute for my sword!

After breakfast, we did a couple of tours around deck 13 for exercise, 2 2/3 around the deck is supposed to equal one mile. It was warm and sunny outside but it was also very windy on deck 13. After out walk we went back to the Garden Cafe for a drink then we went to the theater for a presentation on all the things that you could do in Cozumel, Mexico, mostly they revolved around shopping. After listening to everything that the presenter had say about Cozumel, we decided that there nothing that we were really interested in doing. either the trips were too long, some lasted the entire day or we were just not interested in the tours. We wondered if we didn't go on the tours, could we still go ashore? I had a lot of misgivings about tours with dolphins and stingrays. On the one hand, visiting with dolphins  Dolphin and stingrays Stingray  may be the only chance that they will ever have to come in contact with nature. On the other hand, I don't like the idea of taking wild animals and forcing them to do tricks, especially dolphins who are, apparently, very intelligent animals with highly developed social and linguistic structures. It seems to me that it is insulting and abusive to treat dolphins like carnival animals. As for stingrays, I think that it is insane to treat stingrays as if they are house pets! Stingrays are wild animals that could, without warning, turn on you and deliver a lethal dose of toxins that could kill a person.

At 10:30AM we went to a cooking demonstration for sushi, my wife was particularly interested in attending this session as she is with everything about cooking and food. The first part of the session about sushi was okay, the presenters gave  a simple demonstration on how to make sushi. The bonus was that they had plenty of samples to hand out. The second part of the presentation was about Teppanyaki. It seemed to have more to do with cooks entertaining the crowd with their cooking utensils than it did with actual cooking. We watched the entertainment for a while then we left to go to the next presentation.

At 11:30AM, we went to a talk about reducing toxins in the fitness center on deck 12. It was a good talk but for us it was preaching to the choir. The speaker was one of the trainers at the health club. He gave the group information about the perils of toxins in a simplified form but still, a lot of the people there simply did not get. I is amazing how little people know about their own bodies and what can happen to their bodies if they do not take proper precautions.

After lunch we went to an art auction that was presented by Park West.  Park West Gallery The first night on the boat we were invited to attend the art auction. We thought it would be something interesting to see even though we had no intention of buying anything. On the other hand, if we did see something that we absolutely had to have we might have considered putting in a bid. As we walked around, glass of champagne in hand, we looked at all the art that was on display before the auction. Truthfully, we did not see anything that we considered to be a work of art that we absolutely had to have, so we left.

Since it was such a nice day, we went up to deck 13 and sat in deck chairs but it was so windy that we had to move down to deck 12 where it was sheltered against the wind. After, when we were sitting outside the Garden Cafe drinking lemon water, the drummer from the band that was playing came by and sat with us. He was an interesting guy, originally he was from Guyana but now he works out of New York. He was very interesting to speak with.

That evening, there was a fair amount of motion from the boat during dinner. after dinner my wife did not feel well. I think that she had a touch of sea sickness so we went to our state room where she laid down for a while. that was the end of out first day at sea.

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