Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Being stranded in Hong Kong for a few days was not all that bad. I got to do and see a lot of interesting things. After I left Hong Kong the opportunities to see interesting things continued. Because my original flight home on Saturday was canceled. Air Canada put me on a flight to Toronto that had a connection in Japan at the Tokyo (Narita) airport. This was exciting for me, I had not been to Narita for at least 17 years so it was interesting to see the differences.

Overall, the Narita airport looked newer and cleaner. I think the airport and been overhauled since my last visit some 17 years ago. One of my first things to do was to find a decent coffee shop which as it turned out was not all that difficult. It was interesting that I could order 'weak' coffee, 'medium strength' coffee and 'strong' coffee. Of course I ordered strong coffee. With coffee in hand I wandered the terminal because I had at least two and a half hours to kill.

One thing caught my eye. At the hub adjoining several terminals there was a post that told you what was in each terminal. I saw something about an origami museum. What could be more Japanese than an origami museum! I decided to check it out. It only took about five minutes to find the origami museum. It was amazing. There were so many examples of this intricate art and craft that it was overwhelming. Now, I can struggle through folding a crane which probably most people could but some of the constructions that I saw were absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, the pictures that I show here do not even begin to do justice to what I saw with my own eyes at the origami museum in Narita airport.

A green dragon

A variety of interesting pieces

More interesting pieces

Christmas in origami!

Hark the herald angels...


This was amazing! Smaller and smaller cranes until...

the last one was made with and can only be viewed with a magnifying glass!

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  1. Looks amazing!
    I'm pretty sure that the one you weren't sure about is supposed to be Cinderella, but I could be wrong.