Friday, June 8, 2012

Hong Kong - 1881 Heritage

For the next number of blogs I will be jumping around in space and time so the normal linearity of travel will be a bit jumbled. Having said that, I am trying to write my impressions and experiences down as they come back to me. as much as I vow to write these things down when I am traveling there never seems to be the time nor the inclination.

Going back to March when I was stranded in Hong Kong for a few days I discovered this facility called 1881 Heritage. What caught my eye was the groups of wedding parties that were using this picturesque site to take their wedding pictures. The wedding parties themselves were quite interesting, they ranged from very traditional Chinese wedding Cheong Sams to Ultra modern western tuxedos and strapless western wedding gowns. I did not take any pictures of the wedding parties because I wanted to respect their privacy.

Later in the day I went back to 1881 and toured the historical aspects of the site. Apparently, it had been the site of the marine police of Hong Kong and there were still many historical artifacts and buildings on the site.

Front view of 1881 Heritage

Lighted carousels

close up of carousels

Signal Tower

period carriage

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