Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Last week a small group of artists and artisans got together at Whispergreen farm in Carlisle, Ontario to take a few promotional pictures that will be used to promote the upcoming invitational Country Craft Fair and Old-Fashioned Market Mercantile. the Fair and Mercantile will be held at Whispergreen farm on the weekend of August 25 and 26th.

The mastermind behind the country craft fair and market festival is Julie Johnson, the proprietor of Whispergreen farm. Jule also has a shop on Etsy called, Rustic Revivals. Rustic Revivals specializes in Farm house/Cabin/Cottage decor, Salvage Art and Primitive One of a Kinds, Reclaimed, Recycled, Upcycled,Natural, Mother Earth...specifically, the salvage of barn wood and board, folk art painting of it, also salvaged metals, sewing of prim dolls and ornaments, burlap, horses, boxes and baskets of barn wood and tobacco lathe (slat) wood, wall plaques and wall decor for home decorating and centerpieces, all from reclaimed wood, natural tree or stone ornaments, or salvaged parts of antiques...distressed, crackled, old, but UNSHACKLED!

she is also the captain of UPECO which is an Etsy team. Upeco stands for: Unique Primitives, Enviro-Conscious & Countrylovers (you can be all of these and even better!) This is for all the fabulous artists who work at protecting and promoting either our history, our country-side and natural wonders, or both.
This will include lovers of Country, Primitive, Salvage Art, Upcyclers, and Recyclers. Favorite Materials should be: barnboard, woods of all kinds, natural objects from forest and field, found objects, scrap metals, rags, cottons, burlaps, jute, hemp, recycled paper, etc.

Four of us who turned up for pictures, including Julie. I was the first to arrive, Julie was in the barn finishing off on an interview with a reporter from the Flamborough Review. Shortly after the interview was finished, Merv and Jean arrived. Although it was a chilly outside we lined up in period costumes for these pictures.

The gentleman on the left is Merv McCartney, Merv specializes in knitting. Beside Merv is Jean Rivers of Rivers Watercolours. Jean is holding up one of her lovely watercolours of cows. Beside Jean is none other than Grinling Gibbons of Bayshore Woods. Grinling is holding up two of his finest pieces; The Master and the Three Warriors. Beside Grinling is Julie Johnson of Rustic Revivals. Julie is holding two of her pieces from her shop. One piece is a Cabin Cushion, which is made from burlap with a recycled frill from an old pillowcase with leaves and moose. The other piece is Julie's iconic Shaker style Cheese box with original folk art horse theme painted by a Canadian artist.

I t was great to meet some of the people that I will be exhibiting with in August.

Here are a few more pictures featuring Grinling Gibbons.


  1. Awesome! You're a peach for doing this, GG! This is a great write-up and I LOVE the photos! Thanks so much for all your hard work!