Sunday, February 19, 2012


Since Easter is not far off I thought I would put my egg collection on display. I have eight different kinds of eggs in my collection right now but I am perfectly willing to create more as requested.

Here is a picture of the different kinds of eggs that I have sitting in an egg carton.

One of the smallest eggs that I have is this lovely little egg carved out of ebony. It may be small but it was one tough egg to carve! Ebony is hard wood. Isn't she a beauty!

This one is interesting, it is carved from cedar. What makes it interesting is the fact that it was carved from wood that I reclaimed from renovating out house.

This beauty was carved from a piece of scrap walnut. a friend was building a walnut cabinet and gave me the scraps that he would have thrown away. I carved this egg out of one of the scrap pieces.

This egg was carved from a piece of oak, again a piece of scrap wood that would have wound up in the dust bin. As I recall it was the cut off from the pedestal for an oak dining room table. I love the grain of this one. you can see how the grain works in two different directions in oak giving it a three dimensional effect.

I had just finished carving a flying horse out of butternut  and I was wondering what to do with some of the larger pieces that were left over. The obvious decision, I carved a butternut egg. It sounds almost good enough to eat doesn't it?

This one was carved from a block of mahogany. You don't usually get a piece of mahogany that is thick enough to carve an egg. This one was a real prize. Someone must have given the wood to me because I have never purchased mahogany in my life, it is one of those woods that are endangered. I make use of every piece of mahogany that comes my way.

This one was carved from pear wood. I really like the color and the way the grain plays on the polished surface.

This is a larger version of the cedar egg that I showed earlier. It was also carved from a piece of reclaimed wood from our house renovation. Since our house was built just after world war two the wood is more than fifty years old. The patina of aged wood is something that new wood cannot achieve.

Finally, I carved a large egg out of bass wood, again out of left over scrap. i like the basswood because of its pale color, it closely resembles an egg.

As you see, all the wood that I used to carve these eggs was either recycled wood from renovating houses or wood that I salvaged from wood shop wood bins, mine and others. All of these pieces would have wound up in the garbage or as fire wood.

I plan to offer these eggs, or eggs like these at the TWO DAY INVITATIONAL COUNTRY CRAFT FAIR AND OLD-FASHIONED MERCANTILE on August 25-26m 2012 in Carlisle, Ontario.

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