Thursday, November 3, 2011


For our anniversary this year we decided that we were going to have a vacation in New York City. We took a roundabout way of getting there. Instead of going directly to New York we spent the better part of the weekend in Toronto at the Delta Chelsea hotel. The Delta Chelsea is a great place to stay. It is a very elegant hotel, the service is great, there are three restaurants, and the hotel is strategically located near to the heart of the commercial area of Toronto.

We checked into the hotel about mid morning and immediately went down to St. Lawrence Market.

We had taken the GO train into Toronto and when we arrived at Union Station we purchased a family pass which gave us unlimited travel for the day. The pass cost us $10 but we used $30 worth of subway travel. It is one of the great deals in Toronto. Since it was Thanksgiving weekend in Toronto, St. Lawrence market was packed with people. There were lots of fruits, vegetables, meats and cheese because it was a holiday weekend. After browsing and sampling in the market we had two roast veal sandwiches that were flavorful and filling.

After spending time at the St. Lawrence Market we took the subway to Yorkville to look around the shops and the art galleries. Many of the art galleries were closed for the holiday but we did find two galleries that had interesting art. I like spending time in galleries. It keeps me current and often inspires me with new ideas and concepts.

Between walking around St. Lawrence Market and the art galleries in Yorkville we were exhausted so we returned to the hotel for a rest before dinner. I read while my wife watched cooking shows. Our reservation in the hotel restaurant was at 6:30 PM. We decided to take the Italian buffet at the restaurant Bb33 which was wonderful. There were plenty of salad and vegetable choices with many types of roasted vegetable. I took a sampling of meats which were all excellent as well at Egg Plant Parmesan which is one of our favorite dishes. After dinner we more or less retired for the evening because we had to be up at 5:00AM for our flight to New York but more about that in the next post.

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