Tuesday, November 1, 2011


On Sunday, October 23, 2011, the Burlington Performing Arts Center hosted a community party in honor of the opening of the Burlington Performing Arts Center. It was a lovely fall day, we thought that it would be a nice way to spend an afternoon.

We parked downtown  near city hall and walked the few blocks to the Burlington Performing Arts Center. From a block away we could hear the buzz of activity outside the center. as we approached the center we could see that there was a lot going on outside the entrance of the center.

There was a station where someone was making cotton candy. We had not eaten cotton candy in years so we shared one, a guilty pleasure for sure!

There was a young singer accompanying herself on the guitar. She had a folksy, Nora Jones sound. It was nice to listen to.

Inside the center there was a giant cake that was composed of innumerable cupcakes. There was going to be an official opening later in the afternoon. There were also individual cup cakes that were being given out; more sugar!

The inside of the arts center is very spacious and open. I liked the look of open space.

On the main stage there was a musical group that was playing Beatles songs while a slideshow of Beatles pictures was projected in the background. The most thing for me was that the acoustics of the main hall were quite good. I think it will be an excellent venue for performances of all genre.

This is a picture taken from the mezzanine at the front of the center looking across towards the main hall.

 The sign outside the arts center.

A picture of the front entrance of the Burlington Performing Arts Center.

As we were leaving, the Burlington Teen Tour Band started to march towards the arts center where they would be part of the official opening ceremony with the major of Burlington, Rick Goldring.

I am very proud that Burlington has its own performing arts center. There were many people who opposed for many different reasons. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. The Burlington Performing Arts Center will enrich our community culturally as well as provide economic opportunity to local businesses and inindividuals. The entire community will benefit from the Burlington performing Arts Center.

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  1. I agree, I certainly don't see how having a building that promotes the arts and draws people into the city would be damaging.

    I think some of the people in Burlington just want to oppose anything that will create change.