Sunday, November 6, 2011


We were up at 5:00AM on Sunday morning to catch our flight from Toronto Island on Porter airlines. we could have taken a taxi to the Royal York Hotel but we decided to walk instead. The streets were mostly bare except for the odd person going to or from work or various vagrants sleeping on the streets. We went into Tim Horton's which was right beside the bus stop for the shuttle to the island ferry. We had bought danishes at St. Lawrence market the day before. As soon as we walked out of Tim Horton's the shuttle arrived so we climbed on board, took a seat, ate our danishes and sipped our coffees. It was a typical Toronto, on the go, kind of breakfast. By the time we had finished our danishes the shuttle was ready to go.

It was a short ride to the ferry, less than five minutes. We walked out of the bus and walked directly onto the ferry. It seemed that as soon as we were seated and relaxed for a few moments that we were already docking at the island. I hadn't realized that we had actually left Toronto harbor!

It is a nice set up, you walk off of the ferry and directly into the terminal. we checked in at the desk which was very quick and courteous.

Here are a few pictures I took as we made our way down to the waiting lounge.

Then we took the escalator down the waiting area where we dropped off our check luggage and went through security with our carry on luggage. It all took a few painless minutes and we were in the waiting lounge. The waiting area was open and spacious. There were comfortable chairs to sit in and you could help yourself to coffee, cappuccino, juice and water. There were also biscotti and nuts to eat. while we waited, we read the Globe and Mail newspaper, drank cappuccino and ate biscotti, not a bad way to wait for an airplane. There was also time to use one of the many computers that were available to check my email on line.

Then it was time to leave. After a short walk to the airplane we were seated and the plane took off shortly after. Once in the air we were offered, tea, coffee, wine, beer, water or juice. We were also given a snack to eat; fruit salad and a muffin. Since it was still early in the morning I declined the wine and had coffee instead. The coffee was served in a real cup not a paper cup. Maybe all these little extras seem frivolous but to a frequent traveler like me I really appreciate the little extras that make you feel comfortable and yes, a little special. The flight attendants were also excellent, courteous and attentive but not fawning. flying on Porter Airlines is really flying in style. It reminds me of what air travel used to be like, twenty years ago. I would fly Porter any time, anywhere.

Before we knew it, we were descending to land at the airport in Newark, New Jersey.

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  1. Sounds great. Too bad they aren't at more airports.