Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Well, the awaited weekend has come and gone. The Two Day Invitational Fair and Old Fashioned Mercantile is over. To say the least, it was a unique experience. We had wonderful weather although it was a little hotter on Saturday that I cared for. The weather on Sunday was excellent. I got to meet many interesting and wonderful people which was worth the two days all in itself.There were many interesting vendors there.

ON A BRANCH HANDMADE SOAP proprietor Tara Patey



and our musical buskers who did wonderful renditions of Neil Young songs!

 I was absolutely thrilled by the support that I received from friends and family, especially on Saturday. My granddaughter had an especially good time. She got to see and pet a live horse for the first time in her life. She also seemed to be completely enthralled with the young man playing the bagpipes. she wanted to follow him all around the village green. I want to give a special thanks to our neighbours at the fair, Christine and Dave proprietors of The Stones of Time, who generously lent us a tent when our tent failed to perform as expected. We would have been burnt to a crisp without the their tent.

Aside for the many wonderful vendors at the fair there were many other events that took place.

There was apple bobbing.

The blacksmith's who were on the other side of me held demonstrations all through the show. They let children try their hand at blacksmithing. Each child made a hook and they got to keep it.

Of Course I did sell a few items over the two days. To my surprise, I sold more glass items than I did wood items which is interesting. I sold a glass elephant etching, a couple of stained glass icicles and a hand carved wooden mouse on Saturday and  I sold a wooden old fashioned Santa Claus on Sunday. Not too bad, all things being considered.

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