Wednesday, August 29, 2012


During a recent trip to Winnipeg I stayed at the Fort Garry hotel. The Fort Garry is one of the most elegant hotels that I have stayed at for quite some time. It is located in the heart of Winnipeg. The service is excellent and the serve an amazing breakfast. Even though they are totally different in appearance, I would put the Fort Garry on the same footing as the Eaton Hotel in Hong Kong with regard to elegance, service and the excellence of their food.

When I checked into my room it was still in the afternoon so I had an excellent view to surrounding area. What caught my eye was this incredible building that was under construction. At first, I thought that the building was an extension of the Railway station but after closer inspection i realized that the building was behind the railway station. I took several pictures of the building because I was completely fascinated with its architecture.

When I met my companions for dinner just a few short blocks from the hotel I could still the building from the outdoor terrace where we were sitting. I had to ask my companions about the building. They told me that it was going to be The Museum of Human Rights. That was all they could tell me about it. Now I was really interested.

I went on their website and read all about it. In fact, the website explains the concept and the building much better than I ever could. I would highly recommend that anyone who is interested in this museum click on the link in this blog and read it first hand.

  Doesn't it look like the Museum is part of the train station!

A close look in the afternoon.

I took this picture after I returned to my room after dinner.

I couldn't help taking this picture just as the sun was coming up.

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