Friday, May 27, 2011


I just returned from an European vacation. My wife and I took a Mediterranean cruise with a few extra days added at the beginning and end of the cruise to make it a twelve day vacation. It was great! We flew from Toronto to Amsterdam on KLM, KLM. It was the first time that we flew with this particular airline. We gave them top marks for service, food and comfort during the flight. We would recommend KLM to anyone for comfort and ease of travel. We left Toronto at 11:00PM and arrived in Amsterdam at 2:00PM the next day. It was a seven hour flight but it did not seem that long.

It was also the first time that we had been to Amsterdam. As we descended to the runway I had a good view of the canals that had been created over the centuries that provide transportation throughout the city. From the air, Amsterdam looked to be very neat and well organized. The woman who sat beside us during the flight told us that she was going to meet up with a group of people and take a ten day bicycle trip through Holland, Holland Bike Tours.

The airport in Amsterdam, Amsterdam Airport,  gave me the same impression as Amsterdam from the air. the airport was clean and organized and so very interesting. We arrived in the middle of the tulip festival, Amsterdam Tulip Festival
so everything had to do with tulips. I had to take a few pictures of the colorful tulip displays in some of the shops.
 Since I am always looking for things made out of wood I was particularly interested in the wooden tulips in the picture above. They are just as beautiful as the real tulips. From a distance it is difficult to tell the real tulips apart from the wooden ones.
 There were many many shops that were selling tulip bulbs, cut tulips and potted tulips. There was every color and variety that you could think of. It was very colorful. I am glad that we arrived in Amsterdam when we did. Perhaps another time we can take in the tulips festival.

we would have liked to have left the airport for a while and explored the city. It would have been really interesting to visit Rembrandt House that has an extensive collection of works by Rembrandt, Rembrandt House. Unfortunately, we only had a few hours lay over in Amsterdam which did not allow us to leave the airport. We will have to plan for another trip that will include a few days stay in Amsterdam, Amsterdam Tourism.

Amsterdam was only our transfer point this time. Our destination was Barcelona. That will be the topic of my next post.

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