Sunday, December 25, 2011


It is Christmas Day. Funny that it has seemed so long to get here but not that it is here it is time to slow down and enjoy every moment. I have not had time to publish a single post the entire month of December so far. I thought I would do a twelve day of Christmas series of post.

This year, it is just my wife and I for Christmas Morning, family will be over later this afternoon and evening. We had a quiet early morning breakfast. Even though we were by ourselves we had our traditional family breakfast of eggs, Canadian bacon, fruit and home made Christmas bread with coffee. While we ate we listened to the music of Mannheim Steamroller, a perennial Christmas favorite in our house. Mannheim Steamroller has always elicited the right amount of Christmas ethos that creates the perfect Christmas morning mood.

After breakfast my wife started some bread that we will have for dinner tonight with our family. I went outside to give our wild friends a Christmas Day treat. I filled the bird feeder with fresh bird seed

and filled the bird bath with warm water.

All the time that I was filling the bird feeder and the bird bath I could hear the birds, not too far away, chirping and "tweeting" to one another that food and a warm bath is getting ready for them.

I also put out a treat for our local squirrel population which is fairly numerous. We had a box of Rice Crispies which was way past its due date so it was relegated to squirrels who do not worry so much about the niceties of due dates and the like. If it is edible that is good enough for our local country squirrels.

Perhaps city squirrels are more discerning but that is another story. In my rail fence on the ravine side of our property there is once section that has a long and deep natural trough. I filled this trough with a generous portion of Rice Crispies. Now, I can watch from the comfort of  inside our house, the birds and the squirrels enjoying their Christmas Day meal as well.

So, on the first Day of Christmas we had one lovely Christmas Morning breakfast. I guess we were not as alone as I thought on Christmas Morning!

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