Sunday, July 10, 2011


After we returned to the Hotel Continental after visiting La Sagrada Familia we decided that we would go out for dinner. It was our only dinner in Barcelona so we wanted to go somewhere nice. We had passed a restaurant that was just down the street from the Hotel Continental

called Cuidad Condal. Every time we went by the restaurant it was full of people so we thought that it was a good place to eat. So, on Saturday evening, our last evening in Barcelona, we went out for Tapas.

It was wonderful. We sat upstairs in a little spot by ourselves. Strangely enough, all the wait staff were Asian. They were very efficient and spoke very good English. The tapas were delicious. Between us, we had half a dozen tapas. One was peppers with chilies. There was a chorizo dish, an anchovy dish, one was made with cheese. They were all wonderful and we washed everything down with bottles of Grolsch, at least we had one bottle each. When it was all said and done, it only cost us about 25 Euros. That was a great dinner.

This was to be our last evening in Barcelona. The next day, Sunday, we were going to go to the dock to board our cruise ship. After our dinner of tapas we went down the Rambylas for our last evening stroll before retiring for the evening. Even though we only had part of a day left we were going to make the best of it. On Sunday were were going to visit the National Museum of Art.

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